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Other Lock Picking Tools
Apart from the torsion wrench which is the basic and the most important tool in a lock picking kit, there are, of course, many other types of tools that make a fine, complete kit of a locksmith. These tools can be used separately or they can be combined to open different kinds of locks, depending on the complexity of a certain lock. Thus, other than torsion tools, there are also half-diamond pick, hook pick, ball pick, rake picks, Slagel pick, decoder pick, bump keys and warded pick. This article will deal with each of these tool types respectively. Read more...

Lock Picking Tools - Torsion Wrench
One of the main parts of a locksmith’s job is to pick locks for people who lock themselves in or out of their own homes or cars and lock picking is actually what makes the bulk of locksmithing for there are many other situations as well when people need this kind of service. However, depending on a lock, a locksmith will need to utilize different kinds of lock picking tools. There are several types of these tools. However, this article will deal with one of the tool types that is a requirement for any locksmith and his tool set. Read more...

I Thought It Was a Reliable Lock
I am an average man with an average job and salary. I am married and my wife and I have three wonderful angels. We live quite a normal life. It is true that it is sometimes hard to make ends meet, but those moments are rare and most of the time we do just fine. However, we live in such a neighborhood where a burglary happens almost on a daily basis. Thus, we are not always at ease when the night falls. Read more...